Rome, Capitol of the Empire, host to the Legions that control her far reaching borders. Where a man can be anything and women cannot, by law, use magic. The Roman Empire has stood the test of time. Emperors have come and gone, Legions have risen and fallen but the Empire remains.

Until Dimitrios stepped forth from the shadows and death followed with him, making even the Gods tremble.

Sealed away by The Five, Dimitrios and his terrible power are contained but in his wake Rome must rebuild. With over 90% of the Senate dead, new politicians must rise. With the Emperor dead, little more than a child now sits on the Throne, married to an enterprising concubine with unknown ambitions. The Greater Noble Families vie for control of the senate and influence over the Legions.

In the midst of this chaos, the Sertorius Family must find their place in this New Rome. Their power rooted in old tradition and expansive land wealth, the children of Francesca the Mother number among the echelons of the Nobility.

  • Jana, the eldest sister, was married away in her youth to a powerful general. She now serves the Goddess Juno as her Archpriestess and is secretly a member of the Sister Mages.
  • Batali, the middle brother whose desire for women knows no bounds. As the proper heir to the Sertorius house, he is a swordsman of much reknown.
  • Livia, the youngest sister, who lost her husband to Dimitrios and whose child was taken from her and had all memory of her son erased. She is the most powerful of the secretive Sister Mages.
  • Loudas, the baby brother, was born ungifted and thrown to his Uncle. While trained in the medicinal arts, he is secretly an assassin in his Uncle’s Order.

Whispers abound that the Seals keeping Dimitrios at bay are weakening. Can the powerful of Rome unite and stand against Dimitrios or will the Empire fall, giving way to a new Dominion?

Burning Rome

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