Batali Sertorius

Count, Playboy, Elite Swordsman


My wife is holding me back and must be delt with
Emperor Boniface is to young for the power he holds and must be brought down
Mars is the only true god and his word is absolute
I will protect the sertorius family with my life if nessecary

Always hit on any attractive female
Question my position and face my blade
When threatened cast Horror

Noble court 1d

Strength of Ox

Alyssa (signifigant, forbidden, romantic)
Geavona (minor, forbidden, romantic)
Genavera Marius (minor, hateful) wife

Mark of priviledge
Base humility
Sworn Homage
Noblesse Oblige
Your Grace
Sharp dresser

Moderate estate
Sword (superior)
Reinforced Leather


Batali went into the military at a young age where his dedication and finesse with the sword made him quickly climb through the ranks of the hawk legion. Becoming a knight was one of his dreams as a child and at the age of 20 he got his wish after a battle where he helped Cassius root out and destroy a rebellion that was forming in Rome. At the age of 22 Batali was introduced to his future wife Genavera Marius by the playboy younger brother Cyprus Magnus who Batali knew from his childhood. Batali saw this relationship as an opportunity to advance his stature as she is a part of one of the most powerful houses, she saw him as the same. However after they married they realized just how much they hated each other and the worst part is they could not get a divorce without each one upsetting the others house and condemning their career. He did use her influence to get appointed as a count. As count Batali has become well known as a playboy even though he denies all of it. While Batali likes having the power of being count he hates the politicking involved. While negotiating with the Pompey family he found his true love Alessa and while she knows about his situation with Genevera she does not care because she know Genevera will soon not be a problem however she does not know about Geavona his other mistress.

Batali Sertorius

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