Jana Sertorius-Sullas

Archpriestess of the Goddess Juno; Wife of Egnatius Sullas; Mage in Secret


Age: 35
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 130 lbs

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Arcane Devotee, Religious Acolyte, Priestess, Court Priestess, Archpriestess

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Base Humility, Gifted, Faithful, Tonsured, Vested, Royal Favorite, Imperious Demeanor, Drop-Dead Gorgeous, Veneer of Obeidence, Perfectionist


  • General Egnatius Sullas (Husband; Romantic)
  • Empress Julia (Friendly; Significant)
  • Juno (Goddess; Significant)
  • Magnus (Hateful; Minor)


  • Temple of Juno (2D)
  • Noble Court (1D)
  • Sister Mages (1D)


  • Blessed Archpriestess (1D)


  • Villa in Rome
  • Finery
  • Shoes
  • Knife


  • Eldrith Shield
  • Shards
  • Delirium Tremens


  • Juno is the queen of the gods; her wisdom is absolute
  • I will use my standing as archpriestess to bring down those who oppose my mother and the sister mages
  • My children will learn the art of magic, regardless of their gender


  • Never turn down a request for aid from the Temple of Juno
  • At the first sign of danger; pray
  • Is something is out of place; I must fix it

Born into a life of privilege I have been forwarded many advantages. Mother discovered from a young age that something was special about my sister, Livia and I, something she saw in herself. In secret we learned magic from the Celt Louis. Because of this gift, Mother felt that I should continue my magic training. However, as a young woman I felt a calling from the goddess Juno to a life of service in her temple.

Soon after the brutal murder of my father by Dimtrios, I was married to the young General Egnatius Sullas at the age of 17. This was meant as a power move by mother to secure our families influence and standing within the Senate. Although I was resentful at first, I grew to love and care deeply for the kind man. Though he soon learned my of my powers, it is a topic he has vowed to keep secret. With him I have had four perfect children, two beautiful daughters and twin boys.

This, however, did not stop my raise to power within the church. During my time as the court priestess for the goddess Juno I developed a close bond with the new young Empress Julia and have become one of her closest confidants. By unwavering devotion to the goddess I have become an archpriestess in her temple. This has opened the doors to many opportunities, least of which the ability to practice my magic secretly without suspicion.

These “witchhunts” by Magnus for the Sister Mages cannot be allowed to continue. He is now rumored to have begun gaining support within the Senate. This cannot happen. As a mother, I now fear not only for my own safety but that of my children.

“Goddess give my strength to do what must be done.”

Jana Sertorius-Sullas

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