Jana Sertorius-Sullas - Chapter 2

Mage, Blessed Archpriestess of Minerva


Age: 35
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 130 lbs

Lifepaths: Born Noble, Arcane Devotee, Religious Acolyte, Priestess, Court Priestess, Archpriestess

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Base Humility, Gifted, Faithful, Tonsured, Vested, Royal Favorite, Imperious Demeanor, Drop-Dead Gorgeous, Veneer of Obeidence, Perfectionist, Poke the Bear, Holier Then Thou, Meddler


  • General Egnatius Sullas (Husband; Romantic)
  • Empress Julia (Friendly; Significant)
  • Minerva (Goddess; Significant)
  • Bernado Sertorious (Hateful; Minor)


  • Temple of Minerva (2D)
  • Noble Court (1D)
  • Sister Mages (1D)


  • Blessed Archpriestess (1D)


  • Villa in Rome
  • Finery
  • Shoes
  • Knife


  • Eldrith Shield
  • Shards
  • Delirium Tremens


  • Minerva is the wisest of the gods. I will trust her unconditionally.
  • I will find Bernado and make him pay for his betrayal.
  • I will find out what happened to Juno.


  • Never turn down a request for aid from the Temple of Minerva
  • At the first sign of danger; pray
  • Is something is out of place; I must fix it

I felt a shock and then everything went black. After a moment, Juno appeared and spoke to me. She said that because of my unwavering devotion that she had decided to spare my life and those of my family. She also said that she and I would have to part ways for a time and therefore I must serve Minerva in her stead. I have spoke to other faithful and they have had similar experiences. What has happened to my goddess? Why has she abandoned me and the other faithful?

While I have had time to sleep the past 3 months I have had peace and time to think. During my sleep much has conspired in Rome.

The emperor has surrendered his throne to Omer in exchange for Julia’s safe return. Omer is not popular with the people because he follows the heathen gods of Egypt and the fool refuses to convert. I sense much unrest among everyone in Rome, conspiracy and treason have become common place. In the middle of all of this is my sweet, innocent Priscilla. It is my fault she is in this mess in the first place, I know that now.

My dear Egnatious has begun to worry me. I still love him but I feel us drifting further apart by the day. There is a far off look in his eyes; a look of longing and want. I wish I knew the reason. I try not to think about it. Then there is Lodivico. As I slept, I heard his voice everyday through the haze. I am beinging to think that what he feels for me is something deeper than just desire. Can I, dare I reciprocate? This is so wrong.

Lastly there is Bernado, that treaderous basterd. Oh he will pay for what he has done. He and all the other followers of Dimitrios will be hunted down and taken out aven if I have to do so with my bare hands.

Minerva, I have remained faithful to Juno my whole life and I promise to give you no less then complete devotion. I pray that you will guide my steps and give me wisdom to navigate these difficult times.

Jana Sertorius-Sullas - Chapter 2

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