Livia Sertorius-Evander

Youngest Sertorius Daughter ; Powerful Mage; Avengeful Widow

  • Age:33
  • Height:5’5"
  • Weight:140lb
  • Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Arcane Devotee, Sorcerer, City Dweller Student, Courtier


  • Prove to the world that women are great mages as my late husband would want me to
  • I will become empress; I’ll find a way to get in the royal family’s good grace
  • No harm should come to the people I care most about


  • I’m right, you’re wrong even if you’re right
  • Show no fear to anyone
  • No moral shall stand in my way

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Base Humility, Raper Wit, Gifted, Aura of Innocence, Sonorous Voice, Claustrophobic, Thick Skinned

Reputation: Avengeful widow


Sister of Mages


I was once a happy and joyful person. I was studying to be a powerful mage like my mom wanted. She seen the power my sister Jana Sertorius-Sullas and I have. I was married the first time at age 18 to Brutus Evander. He was the love of my life, we were so happy and had the best lifeanyone could think of. We lived in a little house in Rome. At least we did till he had to go to the secret meeting about Dimitrios. I was with my teacher Louis working on my white fire spell when i got the news about my husband. Suddenly a rage came out from inside me. It has never left me and i don’t think it ever will. We just found out i was pregnant just days before and was going to celebrate and tell our family. I was kept in hidding till after I had my child. Once I had our son I could not bare to see him because all I could do is think of my late husband. So my mother took him and and had one of our distant relatives to take care of him tell my family believed I was ready to have him back.The only thing is that i dont remember anything about it.

Now I’m remarried to a General, General Janus to be precise. I thought I really loved him till I found out that the only reason he married me was to use me to help him get his position in the ranks. Since then he has had so many mistresses that we cant count.

While he was having his fun I decided to have some of my own. I just happened to run into the head of the Sullas family Giovanni Sullas. I’ve meet him a few times before but I decided to get to know him better. So know now I live my life as a thick skinned mage who cares about her family.
Mess with people i care about you will feel the wrath of my power.

Livia Sertorius-Evander

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