Loudas Iskar Sertorius

The Youngest Ungifted Black Sheep, Returned as Court Doctor and Secretly an Assassin

  • Age : 26
  • Height: 5’4"
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Lifepaths: Born Noble, Desperate Killer, Poisoner, Student, Courtier, Court Doctor


  • Lucina intrigues me and I will court her at every oppurtunity.
  • I thirst for power; remove a Senator from his Seat.
  • Francesca Sertorius discarded me and now needs me; She must be humbled as I was.


  • Always diagnose and treat ill children.
  • Never turn down a meal.
  • When presented with an interesting plant, determine a use (Poisons/Apothecary).


Mark of Privilege, Desperate, Off-Kilter, Rapier Wit, Incomprehensible Diagnosis, Inscrutable, Bitter, Tight-Lipped, Reincarnated, Mark of the Beast.


  • 1D Cadre of Assassins
  • 1D Nobility


  • 1D The Ungifted Black Sheep of the Sertorius


  • Lucina, A Romantic Interest (Powerful, romantic love)


  • Throwing Knives
  • Run of the Mill Arms (Sword & Knives)
  • Traveling Gear
  • Finery (Formal Togas, Fashionable Togas)
  • Surgery Skill Kit
  • Shoes (Sandals, Traveling Boots)


  • Herbalist Gardens & Villa

Session 3 Changes:
Gained Call-On Trait “Charming”
Gained Character Trait “Veneer of Innocence”

Session 5 Changes:

Gained Die-Trait “Loyal”
Gained Character Trait “Stubborn”
Gained Character Trait “Brutal”
Gained Character Trait “Romantic”


Born with no magical talent, Mother had no use for me. She threw me to my Uncle Maximus, and he humbled me on the streets of Athens. I learned from him the ways of people, their minds, their bodies and how to kill them. These skills were tested on the streets and in the Court of Athens and he deemed me ready to return home. I was to take the position of Court Doctor. Uncle gifted me his villa and the men he employed there, who he had trained just I had been.

On my return I met her, Lucina, the most intriguing woman I’ve ever known. Given enough time, she’ll lay her secrets bare to me; they all have in one way or another.

I come home to find my sisters married away for political and military gain. My brother is wed to a woman that I suspect he cannot stand; All to secure Mother’s standing in the Senate. Now, she has set her sights on me, rather than our eldest brother Bernado, to forge yet another alliance through marriage. Little does she know I’ll not dance to her tune, for the only song I’ll dance for her will be a Requiem.

My family is arrogant and proud, having been pampered and allowed to grow fat on the reputation of our ancestors. None of them have ever known true wanting. They fear the shadows and rightfully so, for it is there that my ilk lie. When our enemies come my men and I will descend upon them.

There will be no screams.
There will be no time.
Nothing will remain, only dust and shadows.

I have returned to Rome and She will never be the same.

Loudas Iskar Sertorius

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