Loudas Iskar Sertorius - Chapter 2

Court Doctor of Rome and Secret Assassin, Returned from Beyond the Grave.

  • Age : 26
  • Height: 5’4"
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Lifepaths: Born Noble, Desperate Killer, Poisoner, Student, Courtier, Court Doctor


  • I love Lucina; I must find her.
  • My Mother is my enemy; Find out who my real father is.
  • Seek revenge; My treacherous brother Bernado dies first.
  • I thirst for power; investigate those moving into the Order’s sphere of control.


  • Never let anyone touch me.
  • Always have my poisons on my person.
  • Always treat ill children.


Mark of Privilege, Desperate, Off-Kilter, Rapier Wit, Incomprehensible Diagnosis, Inscrutable, Bitter, Tight-Lipped, Reincarnated, Mark of the Beast, Veneer of Innocence, Stubborn, Brutal, Romantic, Loyal, Charming.


  • 2D Cadre of Assassins (The Order)
  • 1D Nobility


  • 1D The Ungifted Black Sheep of the Sertorius
  • 1D Right Hand of the Order


  • Lucina, A Romantic Interest (Powerful, romantic love)
  • Kale Evander, A Protege (Minor, extended family)


  • Throwing Knives
  • Run of the Mill Arms (Sword & Knives)
  • Traveling Gear
  • Finery (Formal Togas, Fashionable Togas)
  • Surgery Skill Kit
  • Shoes (Sandals, Traveling Boots)


  • Herbalist Gardens & Villa

Magnus was dead by my hand. I had left Rome to be married to the woman of my dreams. We were in the midst of our wedding night’s bliss…

…and I awake, covered in ashes in the bottom of the Roman Crematorium. A hideous scar decorates my once flawless chest. I have other scars I have no memory of receiving. Dreams haunt me. Dreams of violence, brutal and savage, upon the shores of the River I know only the dead can see.

I find that three months have passed since I left for my wedding and my Lucina, my wife, is nowhere to be found.

These petty nobles feud over legions, marriages and clandestine affairs. A new emperor sits on the throne and he does not curry favor with anyone, save his own family. My family was betrayed from within by Bernado, my seemingly benign brother.

I will find my wife and find out why I can’t remember the last three months.

I will find my real father and demand an explanation as to why he permitted me to be thrown to my monster of an Uncle.

I will find Bernado and he will pay with his life for trying to commit fratricide.

I will extend the Order’s reach over Rome by whatever means necessary.

Those that stand in my way will be paying Charon sooner than they anticipate.

Loudas Iskar Sertorius - Chapter 2

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