Loudas Iskar Sertorius - Chapter 3

Court Doctor of Rome, Magister Secretus of the Order and Cruoromancer

  • Age : 27
  • Height: 5’4"
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Lifepaths: Born Noble, Desperate Killer, Poisoner, Student, Courtier, Court Doctor
  • Cruoromancy – G5


  • Lucina betrayed me; I will make her pay.
  • Bernado is the head of the Snake; Find and kill him.
  • I thirst for power; Take Angelos’ lover.


  • Never let harm come to my daughter
  • Never let anyone touch me
  • Always leave the Cruor Glyph on my victims


Mark of Privilege, Desperate, Off-Kilter, Rapier Wit, Incomprehensible Diagnosis, Inscrutable, Bitter, Tight-Lipped, Reincarnated, Mark of the Beast, Veneer of Innocence, Stubborn, Brutal, Romantic, Charming, Power Hungry, Drugsmith, A Diamond For Your Heart, Tough as Nails, Cruoromancy


  • 3D Cadre of Assassins (The Order)
  • 1D Nobility


  • 1D The Ungifted Black Sheep of the Sertorius
  • 2D Right Hand of the Order


  • Lucina, A Siren Who Broke His Heart (Powerful, romantic love)
  • Kale Evander, A Protege (Minor, extended family)
  • Ayla Bonifictus, A Clandestine Lover Destined for Tragedy (minor, forbidden, romantic)


  • Throwing Knives
  • Run of the Mill Arms (Sword & Knives)
  • Traveling Gear
  • Finery (Formal Togas, Fashionable Togas)
  • Surgery Skill Kit
  • Shoes (Sandals, Traveling Boots)


  • Herbalist Gardens & Villa


  • Cease the Flow (Chocking Hand)
  • Sense the Scent (Wolf’s Snout)
  • Blood Mist (Dark of Night)
  • Boiling Blood Cloud (Fire Breath)

3 months – 50% of Angelos’ forces killed
3 months – Travel to Athens and Work with Order
1 month – Tracking Julietta
5 months – Track and setup hit on Bernado

Rome is on the brink of Revolution. The skies are dark and the seals keeping Dimitrios locked away are all but shattered. The sheep are lining up for the slaughter. He will use their corpses to pave his road to the Imperial Palace.

The Emperor will not stand by and be swept aside. The mystical might of his family is unmatched and with an Heir, he will not give up without a fight.

His wife Gemma…I know her. Or rather I knew her as Lucina. Her son’s birth brought a flash of memories. My wedding night with Lucina was glorious. At the height of our bliss she revealed her true form in a flash of divine light. However, we were interrupted by her husband, the Almighty Jupiter, and he ripped my heart from my chest.

My three months away were an eternity of torture and survival in the depths of the Underworld.

When I brought Gemma’s child into this world, when her blood touched me, I remembered that I was not given coins to pass into the Afterlife. My Lucina, this Gemma, abandoned me to the Underworld without Charon’s Obol. For this, I will never forgive her. I will make her pay.

My eternity in the Underworld was not without gains. I found a source of power, one that is endless, that I will use to exact my revenge.


Blood I have used to gather more forces to The Order and smash Angelos’ ranks, leaving him struggling to maintain control of his empire. Losing his empire will be the least of his worries when I find him again.

Blood I have used to gather information about Gemma to get the truth from her lips. I will demand answers from the Empress and she had best give them to me promptly.

Blood has lead me to my treacherous brother. His allies will find nothing left but scraps of skin and a shiver down their spine once I have him in my grasp.

Ayla, once a source of frustration and hate, is now an ally. She is trained, dedicated and now my partner in parenthood. None know of our daughter save us.

Blood has given me knowledge and power…with enough I could crush Dimitrios and conquer Rome…

Loudas Iskar Sertorius - Chapter 3

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