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  • Omer Bonifatius

    Rome, a place I have heard of all my life. The city is said to be more beautiful than any other. Can it compare to the alabaster halls of Alexandria? My parents are Roman, but am I? I was born in Egypt, I grew under the relentless sun. When I think of …

  • Tahir Bonifatius

    Rome! Thank the gods! I am so sick of sand. I cannot tell you how amazing it will be to lay down in grass and not have to worry about a damn crocodile biting my leg off. A few more days and I will leave this sandpit behind me forever.

  • Ayla Bonifatius

    Alexandria has been an ample training ground. They say the court in Rome is the most dangerous in the world. The weak are devoured and the overly ambitious are eliminated, I hope it to be true. There is more to me than meets the eye. Watch out Rome, …

  • Zareen Bonifatius

    Ayla believes that we will be running the court in a matter days. I'm more realistic. I believe it will be a matter of weeks. After all we have all the advantages. We are cousins of the emperor and in Egypt the tradition of female magi is as old as the …