Tag: General


  • Egnatius Sullas

    Age: 42 Height: 6'0" Weight: 190lbs Politics never interested Egnatius, he could never stomach being polite to a person he despised. Being a soldier all his life Egnatius did learn one thing about politics; that political power is unstable, the hands …

  • Tiburtius

    Tiburtis is reguarded by all that know him as an honorable man. Hard work and talent earned him his legion not ambitions and politicking.

  • General Janus

    A ruthless and talented man, Janus is the young for such a rank. Despite being the same age or younger than most of men they respect him and will follow where he leads.

  • General Cassius

    One of the most powerful generals in the empire Cassius commands four legions. Although they both deny it, it is well known throughout Rome that Cassius and Francesca Sertorius are lovers.

  • General Septimus

    Septimus was Emperor Boniface's most trusted generals. Since the late emperor was killed when Boniface was only eight years old Septimus acted as emperor until Boniface reached the age of 15. Now he commands four of the emperor's legions.

  • General Rufinus

    The Ram is the fourth legion that Rufinus has commanded. Although he has lost three legions for personal or political reason he has never had trouble finding a new one to command. He is a capable leader and legions do well under his command. Many people …