Tag: Marius


  • Franco Marius

    Franco Marius head of the family for the Marius Family. All three Marius brothers are powerful mages and seem to all take part in running family affairs. Formerly a political power Franco is determined to gain back the power the Marius family once wielded …

  • Cirino Marius

    Cirino acts as the family enforcer. When people need persuading Franco sends Cirino to have a talk with him. Ruthless and ambitious Cirino in many ways in the most dangerous of the brothers.

  • Crispus Marius

    Talented and mostly considered a waste Cripus lives his life doing whatever he feels like confident that his brothers will clean up his mess. So far his thirst for pleasure has only caused minor embarrassments to the family, but the day may be coming when …

  • Tiburtius

    Tiburtis is reguarded by all that know him as an honorable man. Hard work and talent earned him his legion not ambitions and politicking.

  • General Janus

    A ruthless and talented man, Janus is the young for such a rank. Despite being the same age or younger than most of men they respect him and will follow where he leads.

  • Nicola Marius

    Born in Britannia Nicola is the son of a Roman governor and a British woman. He was send to Florence for school and entered local politics. Now with positions opening in the Roman senate he is going to try his hand in the big leagues.