Tag: Pompey


  • Carmen Pompey

    Although the Pompey's are easily the wealthiest family in the Roman empire, they are social snubbed. In Rome if you can't trace your family back to a god or one of the ancient heroes you have no social standing. Seeking to secure her place and her …

  • Emilia Pompey

    While her sister's see to getting husbands Emila's time is devouted to the family bussiness. After all government officails won't bribe themselves. Emilia's contacts in the senate while not enough to challenge the Sullas power is enough for them and …

  • Alessa

    Sparta may have lossed its power but not it tradition. Alessa trained from the time she was a toddler till she was chosen to guard the Pompey family. A devotee of Mars Alessa is a fierce warrior and deadly enemy.