Tag: The Five


  • Magnus

    Using the fame he gardened after defeating Dimitrios Magnus has become a political powerhouse. With the Magical Council beginning to waiver on whether women will be allowed to learn magic Magnus has emerged as the most vocal and powerful opponent. He …

  • Louis

    Age: 37 Height: 5'8" Weight: 170 Celts worship nature and the gifts she bestows on people. Especially the gift of magic. This gift is given to only a select few and to deny the gift is a sin against nature. Knowing this Francesca Sertorius traveled to …

  • Gianmarco

    One of the five magi who bound Dimitrios. Gianmarco was not a people person before he became famous, now he is a hermit living on Mount Vesuvius.

  • Summanus

    Born in Carthage and sold as a slave Summanus quickly won his freedom. A mage with incredible power he was accepted readily in Roman society. After the defeat of Dimitrios he set up a monastery of magic in Milan.

  • Maurizio

    Tired of court politics Maurizio has left Rome and now runs a decent sized farm ten miles north of Rome. It is rumored that he no longer uses magic preferring to cultivate his lands.