Livia Sertorius-Evander - Chapter 2

Youngest Sertorius Daughter; Powerful Mage; Avengeful Widow

  • Age:33
  • Height:5’5"
  • Weight:140lb
  • Lifepaths: Born Noble, Young Lady, Arcane Devotee, Sorcerer, City Dweller Student, Courtier


  • I have found out that I have a son & I will do anything to gain his love & trust.
  • I will become empress & rule all; Kill evaristo and his mother to get back what is mine.
  • I will always be loyal to Loudas.


  • Never show fear.
  • No harm will come to those I care most about.
  • If I think I’m being lied to, find the truth.

Traits: Mark of Privilege, Base Humility, Raper Wit, Gifted, Aura of Innocence, Sonorous Voice, Claustrophobic, Thick Skinned, Undeterred, Obstanant

Reputation: Avengeful Widow


Sister of Mages
The Order


  • Havoc’s Hand
  • Persuasion
  • Sarch’s Glare
  • White Fire

It has been 3 months since I last saw daylight thanks to my eldest brother. He has betrayed our family for Dimitrios, that barbarian of a man. I should have known he was lying when he first got defensive about his whereabouts the night before. He and anyone that follows must pay for what he has done to our family. No mercy shall be shown to anyone affiliated with him.

Because I am the youngest daughter everyone thinks I’m only a puppet. I have also let my emotions get in my way of judgment. I let my 2 late husbands use me for their power grabs and to hide who they truly are. My mother has also done the same. I’m just a mere pawn in her scheme to climb to the top. I shall not be used anymore. I am now slowly breaking away from her grasp. She says she wants best for her children but its truly what is best for her.

I am a powerful Magus and shall not be trifled with.

I have only found one person I can seem to trust. My little brother Loudas Iskar Sertorius – Chapter 2 has been nothing but good to me and welcomed me into his home. I have found out that my family likes to lie to me but I have uncovered the truth. For my curiosity, I should have been killed. I was given the choice to die or live and learn the was of the order. In my eyes the order is an awakening to a better suited life style for me. The sister mages have grown dull in my eyes. It is known I am the most powerful sister and yet I cant use my powers. The Order I get to learn new abilities in which when I am ready I can actually use. There is so much more things I can learn to. I also have Loudas in who I trust unconditionally. I am loyal to him for what he has shown me, and I will do as he asks of me.

I would love to have a family of my own but I feel I can trust no man. Giovanni Sullas says he loves me but is this true? General Septimus I know does not love me but sees me as an asset to help him to the throne. We have the same goals, yet I still thirst for his affection. What is this power he has over me? I know it is not magic for it does not control me. All I do know is once I am on the throne I want him by my side, legions at my command and the Order hiding in the shadows ready to strike at any moment.

“Venus, don’t let my loved ones get in my way.”

Livia Sertorius-Evander - Chapter 2

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