desperate times


The hatred the people feel for my brother has reached a fevered pitch. Tahir had hope to replace him as emperor, but I fear the hatred has spread from Omar to the entire family. Even Priscilla a former favorite at the court is sneered at and shunned by people who had long been her friends. The stress has taken it’s toll on the poor girl, although she is pregnant she hardly eats. I fear for her life and her child’s. If I do not ensure the next emperor will be an ally to our family… well in Alexandria when the unpopular are unseated their bodies tend to be decapitated and then dragged through the streets. The Sertorius family will decide who the next emperor will be. Who ever the back will have have the military and political might to challenge the other contenders.


Dimitrios can venture in the water, his magic reaches Rome. It has been nearly three months now that his daily messages have resonated through out the city. The current state of civil unrest is converting more and more people to his cause. I saw first hand the might of Dimitrios magic. There is only one family whose magical knowledge could even hope to challenge his power, and only one man in the family with the skill to lead Rome into battle against the madman and stand a chance of surviving. The Sertorius family must be swayed to my cause or all is lost.

desperate times

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