three months later


Things in Rome are rapidly changing. The new emperor is hated by the people. He is easy prey already I have taken two of his generals and their legions. Serverus now commands The Stag and The Lion legions and General Vulcan has joined us as well. I have been in talks with Septimus but for now he remains loyal to the empire. Only one other women has caught my attention the way my wife Gemma has. Lucina I haven’t seen or heard from her in months in fact no one has.


Oh Livia when you wake up we have plans to make. I talked to some of Janus’s men. I never imagined you were so powerful. When you are recovered I will strike at the foreigner and we shall rule Rome.


This new emperor is hated by the people, and the more the hate him the more they seem to like me. Already a faction is growing that wishes to place me on the throne, and his reign is not quite three months old.


The revolution has begun. Already we have a general ready to join us. Although he has not completed defected he has sworn his allegiance when the time comes to call upon him he will answer the call. I must operate from the shadows now. Although my uncle has yet to make my allegiance public Giovanni hunts me. My brothers and sister in the revolution walk freely among the people recruiting more and more people every day.


Engaged to Carmen! And the coward leaves it to his uncle to tell me while he hides in Africa.


Although women are allowed to do magic in public I have decided that the Sister Mages should remain a secret society. This organization has flourished under my care I now see how many many mistakes my grandmother made when she ran the Sister Mages. I will not allow her to corrupt what I have built.


I see now how many many mistakes I have made. Julia is icy to me and although she is carrying my baby she seems to hate me. I have a feeling that if I were not still a rich man she would have left me when I advocated the throne. Omer is allowing this country to rip itself apart. I must find a way to reclaim the throne.


Franco is still suffering in a coma, but the doctors assure me that he will wake up. Cirino has begun to amass forces. I stay with Boniface because being a pauper isn’t very appealing to me, the child I carry isn’t even his. When Franco wakes we will be together.


Zareen is the most amazing woman I have ever known. Now that my estate is recovered from the years of mismanagement I can be an asset to her father. I am sure that when I ask for her hand in marriage he will not deny me.


My brother is a fool. If he would only dismiss his Egyptian priest the people would accept his rule. I am doing everything I can to protect him but I am only one person.

three months later

Burning Rome shanelle