three months later part 2

The war with my father is taking longer than I thought it would. Without Juno’s power to supplement his own it is only a matter of time before I control the heavens. I have not forgotten my promise to my mother I will retrieve her lover I just haven’t had the time yet.

My son has done well in Rome. His estate flourishes he has made powerful friends in the senate and soon he will marry and ally himself with the royal family. Omer so far has been a failed emperor but now that Tahir has wed it is likely he will take the throne. The people of Rome seem to like him better.

Isabella is a rather nice girl I glad that she is my wife, she seems more intent on doing her own projects then interfering in my life which leaves me plenty of time to see Augustus.

Both my brother and my lover fight for the throne. When the moment comes when I have to choose a side I do not know who I will stand with. Giovanni is my brother and that tie is an eternal bond, but I have never cared for anyone the way I do for Tahir.

I know Livia killed Janus. By the gods hasn’t she heard of divorce? I am no longer the powerless sister of Carmen, I will be the next empress of Rome and I will use my power to destroy the woman who killed the man I love.

Egnatius is a good man. I have never met a better man. He is kind, noble, brave, and the list goes on. I love him and it is wrong. He is married and my feelings for him are a sin, but every time I am close to him I feel this energy in the air. Could he feel the same way about me? No, I can’t think about that it’s not right.

I swore to Jana that I would never cheat on her again. I have been physically faithful to her. I have tried to fight these feeling but whenever I am around Aria I am drawn to her. To her youth, her beauty, and mostly her innocence. She is effortless everything she does is natural, she never worries about public appearances or hidden agendas. I promised Jana that I would never cheat. I must keep my promise even though it is tearing me apart.

My wife is young, vibrant, beautiful, and I am bored. I’ve played the good husband for a while now. I think it is time to go back to my old ways. After all what man in Rome doesn’t have a mistress?

Now that Isabella is married I am free to marry the man I love. Rufinus and I will wed as soon as I can throw together a wedding.

Jana gains a little color every day. I know this because I sit by her side every day and read to her for a couple of hours. I try to make sure my uncle isn’t around when I do this. I know that I am a horrible person, being in love with my uncle’s wife. I can’t help how I feel, I have loved Jana since I met her. I will always love her.

three months later part 2

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